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Why choose Exalingo?

Technical expertise and linguistic experience

As a native French speaker and certified translator with a scientific background living in Canada since 1990, I have both the level of technical expertise necessary to fully understand complex documents the linguistic experience to properly transfer the message in French.

Over the last years, I have translated more than 4 million words, thousands of reports, manuals and other types of documents in various technological fields, notably as an official supplier to Translation Bureau of the Federal Government of Canada.

Guaranteed Quality

While offering competitive rates, I never compromise the quality of our services. My quality assurance process is implemented at all phases of the project and guarantees high quality results within the set time frame.

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Exalingo translated our technical bulletin on 'Sustainable Design and Post-Closure Performance of Tailings Dams' into French for International Publication. More/Less.

Harvey McLeod, Vice President, Strategic Marketing, Klohn Crippen Berger.

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